Thanksgiving China, Kismet Pattern

Happy Thanksgiving! We had some fun this week dressing our newest project up for the fall holiday.

The “Kismet” pattern is a limited edition of porcelain china. Billet Collins artists are inspired by many things including world cultures and travel. This is the story of Kismet:

photo-oct-19-11-58-09-am-2   photo-oct-19-11-59-43-am   


I first see her as she enters the bazaar, gracefully lacing her way through the narrow pathways of the market. A woven basket is over her arm and she is choosing spices with the skill of an alchemist.

She leans in and laughs conspiratorially with the old woman who is wrapped in beautifully colored patterned scarves. “I will,” she says in a throaty whisper, “it’s perfect”.

When I spot her later that morning her basket is overflowing. A blue patterned scarf, the color of the sea, is trolling enticingly behind her, like a lure.

She confidently approaches the china vendor’s stall, her scarf still reeling. As she enters the stall the young man’s gaze meets hers as he shows her a plate with the same perfect pattern.

“Kismet” he proffers.


Frame your next feast with the luscious bloom of color that is our newest china pattern. Kismet. Our beautiful, bespoke and custom dinnerware patterns are designed by artists to nourish body and soul. Each pieces is hand decorated with the utmost of care by skilled craftspeople in Maryland horse country, where creativity runs unbounded.

Be assured that all of our pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe fine porcelain.

MATERIALS: made of fine porcelain china

FEATURES: set includes 1 of each: 11″ dinner plate, 8″ salad plate, 9″ bowl, 8oz cup and saucer.

DETAILS: dishwasher and microwave safe. Hand decorated in the USA.


Ready to purchase? Contact Kellie in the studio today!