Billet Collins Brings Artistry To Back Office At DC Design House 2017


DC Design House 2016:  China Pantry by Aidan Design, and Lady’s Lair by Vivi Interiors


Washington DC – August 2017

Billet Collins has been selected to participate in this year’s landmark DC Design House. “This is the 10th year for DC Design House. Billet Collins has been participating since the first fundraiser, so it is extra special that we will be part of this anniversary event. There is a lot of competition in our field so it is quite meaningful that we have always been selected” says Kellie Hodges, partner.

Billet Collins has been the go-to decorative painting company chosen by top interior designers to add the details that transform a room into something remarkable. In 2016 they worked with Aidan Design in the China Pantry with bespoke china, hand painted canvas floorcloths, and a fine art piece by Amy Matthews, partner at the studio. Billet Collins also worked with Vivi Interiors to hand paint the walls in the Lady’s Lair with a light & earthy malachite finish in pale charcoal.

This year Billet Collins will be collaborating with Marika Meyer Interiors on the Back Office. The details are still being finalized. “I don’t want to spoil the surprise of her room! Just know that we are working on a very personalized hand painted stationery and elevating the look of her furniture with our artwork.” says Hodges.  Billet Collins will be using classic hues in inventive ways, from the Sherwin Williams fandeck. “We hope to surprise and inspire guests with design ideas for their own offices and get ready for holiday invitations”.

DC Design House benefits Children’s National and is located at 9004 Congressional Court, Potomac, MD. Open from Saturday, September 30th through Sunday, October 29th.