A Grateful Thanksgiving, Our Top 5

Happy ThxHappy Thanksgiving! This time of year makes us all think about giving thanks. Here’s our top 5 things we are grateful for every day!

  1. Amazing clients, of course. We can’t do this without designers and clients who appreciate the art of the hand made, and the history of decorative painting.
  2. An invigorating range of projects. Nothing is more awesome than working on an historic preservation museum one day and a zingy contemporary home the next.
  3. Being part of the small business community and supporting a host of award winning artists who love to paint, every day! We have a great team!
  4. The play of decorative painting. There is a lot of trial and error, experimenting and continual learning that happens every day. We are grateful for all the chemists out there who are continually creating new products for us to play with!
  5. Being appreciated by national publications. What a terrific testament to the art of the hand made to have our work published and sometimes we even make the cover!  But also to see everyone else out there who has kept this art and craft alive.

Thank you for being a part of our adventure this year, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!