About Us

The soul you find in a hand painted creation is unlike any other. We strive to create new color combinations, patterns and finishes that give our projects something special. Classically trained in Europe and America, Billet Collins is constantly taking (or teaching) classes about new products and investigating new techniques.

Barbara –
Barbara started with the renovation of Union Station in 1987. Her work caught the eye of top designers like Mary Douglas Drysdale and Barry Dixon. Before you knew it, she had a bustling business on her hands. Billet Collins was born! Now intimately involved in the details of running a successful and award winning business, Barbara supervises (read “paints”) almost every project.

Amy –
Amy is the real creative here. She can’t keep her hands off a paintbrush and when she’s not on a project you can find her creating fine art in her own studio, or patterning in her home. Her husband and children have learned to double check to see what’s wet before they sit down at the dinner table which is constantly being re-painted.

Kellie –
Kellie used to paint, but now she juggles the schedule, paperwork, phone calls and sales. You’ll see her on the big projects and for the initial meeting. After that, she’s writing the newsletters, organizing the open studio tours, and looking for the next big project.

As well as, Roberta, Elisha, Laura, Colleen, Amanda, and Holger. If you’re lucky you’ll come across these artists who are experts in the art of decorative painting. They’re a carefully chosen group of artists for their care and concern on a project as well as being extremely talented!